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IMHO, a photographer who captures only part of the model is only doing part of their job.  A photographer who does not capture one or more head-to-toe shots when a head-to-toe shot is appropriate should not receive full pay.  I'm sure this will be controversial, but just as no house painter would paint only part of a wall and expect full pay, a photographer should not capture only part of the model and expect full pay.  Start with the head-to-toe shots, and if the subject is worthy, move in for the close up.  Humans go to great lengths to enhance and/or adorn all their body parts, and I find it disappointing that photographers do not go to great lengths to capture it all.

How do you know when it is appropriate and necessary to do a head-to-toe shot?  If your model is a man or woman, the man or woman is composed of all body parts.  Unless the purpose is to diminish the manhood or womanhood (such as for office photos), providing less than a head-to-toe shot is to greatly diminish the impact of seeing a man or woman (if you are objectifying a body part, that might be okay, but otherwise, go for it all).  If you are photographing someone in costume, chances are they spent significant effort on the footwear, and it would be appropriate to capture the footwear along with all the other parts.  In other words, when the model is the work of art, the model should be captured in their entirety, and don't diminish it with distracting photographer tricks.

Also, I think it is fine if the angle is such that the top of the body is in focus and the bottom is out of focus, as long as it is all there.  Some of the best photos I've seen were focused on the top...but the feet were still visible (and cute).

I'm sure some will disagree and I do not mean to disrupt the flow of art, but I can't help but to be very disappointed when I see a beautiful picture of part of the model, click next hoping to see more, and find there is no more.  I also mention this to help models who seem to be stuck on one photographer who habitually fails to capture all of you.  If you are the customer, make sure they get all of you!  To do less is to forever leave a part of you in the nothingness.  Hope this helps.


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